Friday, May 27, 2011

The Pendleton and Gatsby - Inman Park

The Pendleton Euclid Ave

The Pendleton Apartments were built in 1905 by the original founder of Coca-Cola as apartments for his workers. The Pendleton is located right next door to Asa Candler's original mansion which I blogged about here.

The Gatsby Dixie Ave

The Gatsby was built in 1930.  It was an apartment complex but now has been converted to condominiums. 

It seems like there are mixed reactions to the apartments and condos in the neighborhood.  Some people have great memories of living at the Gatsby or Pendleton 20 or 30 years ago and having the time of their lives.  Eventually they grew up and ended up purchasing a home in Inman Park.  Some of the long time residents have a completely opposite opinion of the buildings.  They feel they shouldn't be in the neighborhood and treat the residents as second class citizens.  I say we should be friendly to everyone in the neighborhood whether they own a victorian mansion or live in an apartment.  Live and let live people.

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