Monday, May 30, 2011

Food Trucks @ Stove Works - Inman Park

Krog Street Inman Park

I'm sure most people are already aware of this but just in case you didn't know, check it out.  Every Wednesday is Food Truck Wednesday at the Stove Works parking lot!  The following trucks are participating with more to be added hopefully.
-  Jake’s Ice cream
-  The Good Food Truck
-  Yumbii Tacos
-  King of Pops
-  Rattletrap Beverages
The hours are from 11 am to 2 p.m.  Stove Works is located on Krog Street.  It's where Rathbun's restaurant and Krog Bar are located.  There is a huge parking lot and that's where the trucks will be.  It's easy, it's great food, and it's cheaper than eating out at a restaurant or your company cafeteria.

**Update: It seems like different trucks are showing up on different Wednesdays.  Tex's Tacos was there a couple of weeks ago.  Today The Pup Truck was there, Sweet Auburn BBQ, and Just Loaf'n (Po Boys) in addition to Yumbii and the Good Food Truck.  It's a good thing having some variety in our food trucks!

**Update 2: The W.O.W.! food truck was there today in addition to Yumbii, Tex's Tacos, King of Pops, and Jake's.  I opted for Tex's Tacos.  Their Lime Fries were delicious!

**Update 3:  The food truck craze eventually fizzled out.  It was fun at first but then it just seemed overpriced and not good quality.  Why drive or walk to a food truck and stand outside to eat average food when you can drive or walk to a restaurant, sit down, have a waiter or waitress, and great food for less?
Stove Works Krog Street

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