Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cameli's - Pizza for the People

Cameli's Little 5 Points

Cameli's just opened their new location on Moreland Ave in Little 5 Points about a week ago. The restaurant is right next to Front Page News and Tijuana Garage.  They offer specialty pizzas and other Italian delights.  Parking is easy. They have their own lot behind the building and there is an overflow lot right next to that. 

The servers were all super friendly and great with answering any questions. They have seating on 2 different levels and there is also outdoor seating upstairs which is awesome.  Everything is new and squeaky clean. The food was fantastic. I had the Papa C specialty pizza and it was just bursting with flavor. All in all a great addition to the neighborhood and I'll definitely be going back. For more info click here.

Cameli's - My Lunch Today!
Cameli's Papa C - Little 5 Inman Park
Cameli's Inman Park

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