Monday, June 6, 2011

Sauced - Inman Park

Sauced Inman Park

Sauced opened their doors in Inman Park about a year and a half ago. They have some interesting options and a wide range of choices for a smaller menu.  The drink menu is superb and has a lot of hand crafted cocktails.
In addition to dining inside they have a small patio dining area in the front and a gorgeous larger outdoor area in the back. 
The atmosphere is great! The inside of this place has the coolest vibe in the city...retro, relaxed, inviting, and fun. I would call it hip 50's decor. The restaurant is very small.  I would guess it seats about 30-40 people max, but it's quite cozy.
So if you're part of the hipster crowd and looking for something new then give it a try.  The place can get crowded so make sure you make reservations.  For more info click here.

**Update: Sadly this restaurant has closed.
Sauced Front
Sauced Back Patio
Sauced version of the Inman Park Flag!
**Update: Chef Ria Pell set me straight on the street art below.  I thought that was there prior to Sauced taking over the building but actually they hired street artist Totem to do the mural to slow down the graffiti taggers. The cool red truck is actually the chef's!
Totem Mural

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  1. hey thanks for the shout out!! It's been a great year......... and a half(yikes)! The picture above is actually 6 months after we rented the spot, that's my red truck (rip) and the sweet mural was from Totem. We contracted him to paint a temporary mural, to slow down the graffiti taggers. He's been super busy, but promises to return with some fresh paint! Stop in and see our victory garden out back and keep up with us on fb. Cheers! Ria Pell chef/owner Sauced/Ria's Bluebird