Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inman Park Restaurants - Fritti and Sotto Sotto

The corner of N. Highland and Elizabeth Inman Park

Fritti is one of those places where you could take anyone and they would most likely enjoy themselves. The bar area is small, but it's perfect for mingling while you're waiting for a table. The tables are cozy, but manageable.  It has a clean, crisp interior with plenty of natural lighting and an open air cafe italian style.  Great friendly service. This restaurant is also owned by the same people who own Sotto Sotto. 
Inman Park Italian!
Sotto Sotto is one of the best Italian restaurants in Atlanta.  Their food is generally great, and the ambience is romantic, intimate, cozy, yet bustling.  The tables and chairs are small and the decor is very minimal.

Sotto Sotto is one of those special occasion restaurants where the food, atmosphere, and cocktails are a winner.  This place rocks in terms of the quality and the ambiance of an Italian restaurant. The risotto is absolutely delicious, cooked to just the right consistency! Click here for more info.

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