Saturday, January 22, 2011

Looking Good Inman Park

Dixie Ave - they added a large addition on the back as well

Inman Park seems to be having a resurgence of home renovations of late.  As I walk around the neighborhood I see crews renovating homes in every part of the neighborhood.  This is great not only for the home owners but the neighbors as well.  Keeping the neighborhood looking clean and fresh helps everyone when it comes to property values.  

Virgil street in particular is really going through a transformation.  In the past some of the homes on Virgil were really neglected. Two in particular had such out of control growth in the front you would need a machete to hack through the jungle just to get to the front door.  It's a wonderful change and really appreciated!

New build Euclid & Edgewood
There is also a new home going up where Euclid Ave and Edgewood Ave merge.  They've been burning the midnight oil getting this place done and it really looks great.  It's been interesting walking by there on a daily basis and seeing how much progress has been made.  Such a welcome change from the overgrown lot that was there before.  As you can see from the photo above they did a great job of building the place to have the details that are expected in an Inman Park home.

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